Maintenance and Support

The world of IT sees evolutions at a fast pace. Today’s technology is outdated tomorrow. Improved technologies also bring enhanced functionalities and deliver rich user experiences. It is applicable to the world of mobile apps too. A company cannot afford to launch an app and then sit back and have the same app in use because competitors are constantly updating apps and attracting users. When a company decides to get an app developed it must pick a mobile app development company that is well established and offers full maintenance and support.

The need for maintenance and support:

  1. An app may perform flawlessly on an existing OS but tomorrow, the OS may be upgraded and some features may be added while others are removed. This affects functionality and performance of the app. Proper maintenance and support are vital in order to upgrade the app to conform to the latest iteration of the platform.
  2. Technologies used in the app also evolve and introduce better features which are other reasons why maintenance and support are vital to keep the app fresh, up to date and keep users engaged.
  3. Security risks also necessitate that an app is constantly evaluated for the security features and new safeguards are put in place to plug loopholes that are discovered after use.
  4. Hardware on which apps are used also evolves with more memory, better sensors and more cores in the CPU. Aligning apps with hardware makes for a fluid user experience.
  5. The features in the app itself may become dated and the app needs to remove them and introduce new ones.

An app that is not backed by maintenance and support can truly cause problems for its owner and users may simply discard it unless it is well maintained.