Pay Per Click

Pay Per Click (PPC) is a type of advertisement in which you need to pay the publisher on the basis of the number of clicks that your target audience make. It’s one of the fastest way to hit your target audience focusing on a particular area or interest.

CloudMynds offers exemplary pay per click campaign management services to clients in India and across the world. PPC is not just Google Adwords in our view. It encompasses similar paid searches across major search engines, each of which we have analyzed in depth as regards its reach and visitor profile as well as metrics.

How We Do It

As one of the top google adwords marketing company, CloudMynds follows a strategic and analytics based approach to crafting a PPC campaign that gets best ROIs, maximum traffic and conversions. This is how we initiate PPC as part of our PPC advertisement management service:

Analyze a client’s business, location, goals, products and target customers as well as their geographic location

  • Research keywords used by searchers for similar products
  • Craft well thought out, compact and motivational ads to be displayed on search pages
  • Consider a client’s budget spread and choose from options of displaying on first page of search results, prime listing or inner pages
  • Select a suitable time when ads should be displayed
  • Select specific geographic locations to target ads
  • Analyse result each day to know outcome and fine strategies as we go along


We consider PPC as an important pillar of online digital promotions. SEO is a good way to go but it takes time to generate traffic. PPC in the hands of top pay per click PPC management agencies like us gets you immediate cutomers and exposure. It is the best shortcut for fast results and revenue generation. It takes time for SEO activities to have an impact and for websites to show up in search results at the top. Well managed PPC campaigns have positive outcomes in that whenever people search for similar products, the PPC ad shows up in the results and they can click through.

The way we do PPC, it gets results. Try us: it is an investment with manifold returns.